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A Little Background

Directors Business Solutions is Funeral Directors Life (FD)’s latest business venture.  You see, time brings experience.  Experience brings expertise.  In 2012, the FD executive team realized that the funeral industry is changing, and fast. We asked, “What challenges do current funeral home owners face, and what role can we play in answering those challenges?”

In addition to being the manager of DBS, I am also the Director of Finance for Funeral Directors Life and am responsible for nearly $100M in mortgage loans.  When I say mortgage loans, I mean funeral home mortgage loans. Our entire loan portfolio is comprised of loans to funeral homes.

Like most bank loans, we have a few covenants that we require our borrowers to comply with, and one of these is the submittal of yearly financials.  It became obvious to us that many funeral home owners weren’t considered a priority by their CPAs, who were more concerned with making other deadlines.  We had several clients who were forced to take a tax return extension for this reason.

Funeral directors don’t get into this industry because they want to bookkeep for a living. Funeral directors choose this industry because they have a deep passion for serving families who face extremely difficult situations. Our goal is to give you, the funeral director, more time to serve families by taking the worry and monotony out of accounting.

Jason Gazaille
Directors Business Solutions

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